Research and Innovation

Be the Pulse of Innovation.

Innovation begins with a need, a desire, and curiosity. A Thought. An Idea. A Concept. It breathes life from passion and ingenuity. Innovation is the commitment to research and development as the seed for breakthroughs in disruptive science and technology. To apply to the Intelligence Community mission is divine. Come forge new scientific discoveries and technologies in Cyber Security and Human Language, and nurture innovation to Outsmart our adversary.

Our nation faces a world where constant change, in both threats and technologies, is the normal state and our customers are further complicated by the need to keep up with technological changes while still addressing current and emerging threats. Identification and utilization of new and innovative technologies is key to PROTEUS’ success.

As computer networks become more interconnected and an increasing portion of the world’s population relies on digital computing and communications, the more advanced cyber threats become as they seek to expose vulnerabilities. PROTEUS continues to invest in innovation and operate on the forefront of cybersecurity thru advance cyber innovations using applied research, concept exploration, and capability demonstrations. We seek to deliver adaptable, scalable tools that exploit our adversary’s vulnerabilities by detecting, identifying, attributing, countering, mitigating, and eliminating these cyber threats in “cyber time”.

Our expertise in areas such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, health and status monitoring, behavioral analytics, securing application development platforms and deploying secure and scalable infrastructure allowed us to develop a full portfolio of cybersecurity services enabling organizations to protect themselves against cyberattacks and internal malicious behavior.

Let’s shape tomorrow and Be the Pulse of Innovation.

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